Flea & Tick

Sometimes it's tough to know where to turn when your dog or cat needs that special treatment. That's why we created Paradise Pet Salon, the one and only pet salon you'll ever need. Because we are a full-service salon, your pet can get everything from nail  trimmings to beautiful haircuts, all in one friendly, well-lit place.


We have trained and certified staff ready to take the time to listen to you and your pets wants and needs and make sure they leave with a certain air of confidence.

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Dog Grooming

Your cat's special and we want them to show it off! Our staff knows just what your feline friend needs to be the apple of your eye!


We know just how much you love your dog, and with us they'll be treated like royalty every time they strut through our doors.

Not only do we offer flea & tick baths, but we also sell flea & tick prodcuts to help get rid or prevent those nasty bugs! 

We offer a wide variety of products to make sure your pet gets the best possible care for their skin, coat, teeth and beyond.

Health & Wellness

Cat Grooming

Professional Pet Services

Compassionate care