We offer:

  • Bath and brush outs
  • Full grooms (such as all over body haircuts)
  • Touch up grooms (such as face, feet and sanitary trims) 

 Every haircut comes with a bath using our general purpose shampoo, brush out, nail clipping, and ear cleaning.

You can upgrade your shampoo to an oatmeal shampoo, add conditioners, add teeth brushing or upgrade to nail grinding with any package. Anal gland expression is also included, please make sure you inform your groomer at time of check in that you would like this service.

Stand alone services:

  • Nail clipping/grinding
  • Teeth brushing
  • Brush outs
  • Pad shaving
  • Nail caps for cats 
  • Anal gland expression 

These can normally be done as a same day or next day service, please just call to schedule. 

Pricing is based off a variable of things such as breed, size, coat condition, time and temperament. Please call for a price estimate. Nothing will be set in stone until after a groom is performed as we won't be aware of what we are doing, condition of the dog or how much work can go into a groom until we get the opportunity to meet your pet and speak to you about what it is that you are looking to achieve. 

Creative Grooming

We also offer some creative grooming styles.

  • Permanent/temporary hair dye (safe for pets)
  • Feather extensions
  • nail pawlish
  • fun bling
  • ‚Äčtemporary tattoo and much more!


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